Friday, September 11, 2009

i lost those onions!

well, I try to write in english this time, ok, I know my grammar is not so good, sorry for mistakes I'm goin' to make,
first thing first. I lost those onions! huhuhu...where do they goo...ohh..come back!

These days, I gt a very weird feeling, it's almost like a feeling of falling in love..buuttt..the point here is, I don't know who's the lucky guy! -hohoho, okay, I know what's in ur mind- but this feeling is drivin me crazy! it's like in those tv dramas, my heart is beatin fast, almost evryday! feeling nervous..arrghh..I must've been crazy!

The short story that I wrote about in my last post, -is it??- it becomes a veeeryyyy looonggg story now, I want it to be fast, but I simply don't have time to write because those d**n assignments! and I dont have idea though.

it's almost midnight to well and have a very nice dreams..gbu..

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